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As an AYSO parent you are considered a participant. Each participant in AYSO has certain responsibilities.  As a parent of one of our players, we ask that you:


BE POSITIVE!  Each game is competitive, but it’s still just a game. Cheer for your kid, cheer for your kid’s team and yes – cheer for the other team. Let’s make it a great experience for everybody.

BE ON TIME!  Whether attending team training or a game, we ask that all players show up on time, ready to participate.  Lateness takes away from the experience of all the players.  Since most of our players aren't old enough to drive, it is up to you as a parent to make sure your child arrives on time and is picked up on time.  We strongly encourage parents to stick around and help out during practice.


HELP OUT! AYSO REGION 106 is a completely volunteer organization. That means we need parents to volunteer to help the region run. We have many opportunities for you to choose from:


Coaching: You don’t have to know much about Soccer to be a successful coach. We will provide you with free training commensurate to the age you will be coaching.  AYSO is one of only three youth sports organization providing a coach training program that has been accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education. (AYSO is one of only three accredited Youth Sports Programs). Coaching also allows you the opportunity to be actively involved in your kid’s life.


Refereeing: Referees provide a safe and fun atmosphere for our players. As with coaching, we provide quality training free of charge. Volunteering as a referee means that you can choose when you volunteer. You can sign up on-line to a game before or after your child’s game, or anytime that is convenient for you and your family. Each team is required to provide three referees.


Team Parenting: A good Team Parent can add a lot to a team. Having someone to take care of managing the snack schedule, pizza parties and other non-game team experiences allows the coach to coach.  – Every team needs one!


Regional Board Positions: A region of over 1,500 players takes the efforts of a lot of special people. At the core of these folks is the AYSO REGION 106 Regional Board.  The jobs have been segmented so that you can take a specific responsibility which will help the Region run smoothly. Being a part of the board, means you get a vote on decisions affecting the region.



Learning The Game of Soccer:
click here for a great explaination of the field & game of soccer
Learning the Offside Rule:
 Click here for a great explanation of the offside rule 




This is for both training and games!  If that means picking up someone else's trash – just do it.
We are blessed with some great fields and want to make sure that we are good guests.


It is the responsibility of each parent to read and understand the Player Drop & Registration Refund Policy. 
AYSO Region 106 will not refund outside of the stated guidelines.
Coaches are not responsible for obtaining, nor do coaches have the authority to approve, a refund.


Click here to be redirected to our Player Drop Form and Refund Policy

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